Notepad is in session

Nobody cares, I’m taking a break.

Psst, I’m opening requests for ponies.

Send in your reference, and I’ll pick a handful of ponies to draw! Expect to see them within the day, I’m still in classes and I’m doing this on impulse.

Notepad: She’s a tough nut to crack, good luck getting that info out of her.


Limited $7 Slot corel commission for asknotepad, added a bonus lineless one because he’s been bummed!

((There’s 2 more limited $7/buy me a freddifish puttputt game on steam slots left! If you’re interested, just message me yo.))

eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy go and commission her! Give her a follow too!

I want to go to DashCon.

Notepad: Feel free to ask her about it, she’ll love to tell you more.

Notepad: I guess I love you too, so how about you come off anon and show me who you really are.